By Crispina M. Belen

FDCP’s Funding Program Awards P17.3-M to 28 Filipino Film Projects

The CreatePHFilms, the public funding initiative of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), has selected 28 Filipino film projects as recipients of CreatePHFilms funding program amounting to a total of P17.3-million of selective funds.

CreatePHFilms Script Development

Under the CreatePHFilm Funds for Development, the 10 chosen projects will each receive a selective, non-refundable fund of P100,000 for Scriptwriting: 

  •     “6th Finger” by Sheron Dayoc
  •     “Posthouse” by Nikolas Red
  •     “Safari Paraiso” by Glenn Barit
  •     “At the Break of Dawn” by Janice Perez
  •     “Mga Banggi nin Pantomina” by Arjanmar Rebeta
  •     “Symphonies from the River” by Arvin Belarmino
  •     “The Gospel of the Beast” by Sheron Dayoc
  •     “Ms. Mama Mary” by Sonny Calvento
  •     “Dalisay” by Joseph Mangat
  •     “The Merman in Koh Sichang” by Arden Rod Condez

CreatePHFilms Project Development Grant

The CreatePHFilm Fund for Project Development is a selective and nonrefundable fund of P200,000 for production companies. These are the six selected projects that will each be given P200,000:

  •     “Pony Boys” by Daluyong Studios
  •     “After Autumn” by Southern Lantern Studios
  •     “The Underneath” by TEN17P
  •     “Makapili” by Voyage Film Studios
  •     “Stray Cats” by Southern Lantern Studios
  •     “The Black Dog Which Causes Cholera” by Jim Jasper Lumbera and Joey Alexis Singh

CreatePHFilms Small Budget Production Fund

The CreatePHFilm Fund for Small Budget Production is a selective recoupable fund of PHP 1 million for production companies. The three films selected to receive the PHP 1 million fund are:

  •     “People of the Lake” by Shirin Bhandari
  •     “Retirada” by Milo Alto Paz and Cynthia Cruz-Paz
  •     “Yellowfin” by E del Mundo

CreatePHFilms Large Budget Production Fund

Two films will receive a selective equity investment fund of P5-million from the CreatePHFilm Fund for Large Budget Production:

  •     “Topakk” by Richard Somes
  •     “Boldstar” by Antoinette Jadaone

CreatePHFilms Post-Production Grant

Five projects will be granted the CreatePHFilms Fund for Post-Production of P300,000, a selective fund granted to its engaged post-production company:

  •     “Alimungaw: The Ominous Wind of Uncertainty” by Bagane Fiola
  •     “Balaan: Sacred Voices, Sacred Lands” by Bagane Fiola
  •     “Bukal” by Jeffrey “Epy” Quizon
  •     “Ginhawa” by Christian Paolo Lat
  •     “Rangtay Papan Idjaybangir” by Ferdie Balanag, Kawayan de Guia, and Padma Perez

CreatePHFilms Film Distribution Fund

The CreatePHFilms Fund for Distribution has selected two films to receive a selective fund of P300,000 for its local and overseas distribution:

  •     “Ang Pagbabalik ng Kwago” by Martika  Escobar
  •     “Whether the Weather is Fine (Kun Maupay Man It Panahon)” by Carlo Francisco Manatad

“Despite the major setbacks brought by the pandemic, I hope our programs to support our Filipino filmmakers will further inspire and encourage them to keep creating and honing their masterpieces. The Agency will continuously give its best to discover and develop creative talents equipped for the future of Philippine Cinema,” said FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño. 

CreatePHFilms 2021 Cycle 2 will soon open later in the month. Eligible applicants must be Filipino filmmakers and companies accredited by the FDCP’s National Registry, while eligible projects must have a Filipino director. Additionally, 100 percent of the funds must be spent in the Philippines for eligible expenses.

For inquiries on how to apply for the CreatePHFilm Funds for Development (Script Development and Project Development), Production (Small Budget and Large Budget), Post-Production, and Distribution, visit fdcp.ph/createphfilms.




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