Cast of ‘Heartful Cafe’ in ‘Sarap Di Ba?’


By Crispina M. Belen 

Cast of ‘Heartful Cafe’ in ‘Sarap Di Ba?’

SDB - APR 10 (6)_edited

This Saturday, April 11,  join the Legaspi family for their weekly fun bonding activities at home. For this week, they will prepare an easy dish, the Banana, Strawberry and Peanut Butter Turon, a perfect snack or dessert for coffee or tea time. Zoren and Cassy will also share their father and daughter bonding moments at the Firing Range.

SDB - APR 10 (5)_edited

In this episode, Julie Anne San Jose, together with the cast of “Heartful Café,” joins the Saturday fun as she takes the “Sarap Di Ba” viewers to a tour around the “Heartful Cafe” set. Julie Anne also introduces the characters in the romcom series and do some fun games with them and with her leading man, David Licauco.

All these plus the 5K giveaway promo are in store for all happy peeps this Saturday only in “Sarap Di Ba?”!


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