Meet the ‘schizoprano,’ Nicole Laurel Asensio


By Crispina M. Belen

Meet the ‘schizoprano,’ Nicole Laurel Asensio


Growing up listening to music within the confines of her home and from esteemed family members, why wouldn’t Nicole Laurel  Asensio become a musical talent herself? Actually, Nicole has been dubbed as the “schizoprano” and for very good reasons.

Among them is that her versatile vocals are said to be able to span many genres and because of Nicole’s adaptability and resilience in the music industry.

But first, let’s consider her genes. Nicole is the granddaughter of coloratura, librettist and voice professor emeritus Fides Cuyugan Asensio and theater artist Celia Diaz Laurel. She is the niece of  Broadway actor Cocoy Laurel; and she’s the daughter of singer Iwi Laurel.

Nicole was first exposed to the industry through musical theater and classical music. As a child, she sang for composer Schoenberg.

With music flowing in her veins from both sides of her family, Nicole however has proven that she could stand on her own, as she has won awards as singer and songwriter, being an Awit Awardee in 2017 and TrendStar (Korea) in 2018.

Nicole took up a degree in Literature, and after graduating (and writing her first book), she embarked on a quest to find her own niche in the music industry. Being a rebel too in her own right, she founded an all-female rock band she named General Luna.

Performing original music, they   toured abroad  and around the Philippines for five years. With major brand endorsements, General Luna also opened for big international rock acts such as Mr. Big and Slash.

In 2014, Nicole embarked on a solo career and released a self-produced solo album entitled “Schizoprano” under MCA Universal. She also performed in London, Barcelona, Dubai, Doha, Shanghai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Maldives, USA, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Recently, Nicole was noticed by some Grammy Award-winning producers and signed up with the Warner Music group. She is currently writing, producing and recording her second album with top musicians.


This 2020, Nicole is slated to release her new batch of her music work, which will include her  special song “Silong.” How the song came into fruition after many challenges will be the subject of my next Celebrity World PH online column.



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